Monday, 23 September 2013

The Best Day of my LIFE

Meet my babies.....................

They are my world, I would do anything for them. I try my best to be the best I can be, for them! I can close my eyes and remember the each of their births, the way I felt when I held them in my arms for the first time. Although each of their births have been one of the best days of my life. There was a day not too long ago (well so it seems) that day was the best day of my life. 

This day in September 2007,

This day was the best day of my life. I had seven weeks to go with my pregnancy but We were determined to be there before I gave birth. This day will forever be in my heart. It is the day We were sealed as a family for all time and eternity in the Sydney, Australia Temple.

  and although not all of my children are not pictured, they are part of this promise. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Home Update - Hallway

 The Hallway has been a huge working progress and can i tell you that we are not yet finished. Without repeating myself I have a tiny addiction to Pinterest and fell in love when i saw this (photo below. When I spoke to Hubby about it, I dont think he thought I would really do it, after all it would be the third time we had painted the hallway since we moved in 5 years ago. 

We had already painted the hallway the same colour as the living room Stetson Grey, and used a chalk line & level to get the lines straight we choose a soft white Cotton I think it was called. At the end of the hall a large Mirror was attached to the wall. This was a REUSE item from a set of built in mirrors we are removing from our old bedroom (soon to be the girls room)

There's one of my sons helping Dad with the Clean up. As you can see above We originally had White doors. But I loved the look of Black doors and the idea of no huge Pen and dirt marks.

Here is a picture of the length of the Hallway, The mirror is receiving and upgrade with a frame made from timber molding The mirror cost approx $30 and to buy on in that size would have cost at least $150. So what do you think of my black doors?

The next step is to pull up the tiles and install the same flooring in the living room, and covert our linen closet into a mini mudroom similar to picture below.(picture courtesy of YES you guessed it PINTEREST)


Two Bake Sales on the Same Day

I have to confess I have a Pinterest addiction. But I mean, who doesn't. Right! Right! When I was struck with the dilemma of baking for two bake sales on the same day. Suprise Suprise I am not the baker in the home that I leave to my dear Hubby, who when I met could not even boil and egg but kicks butt when it comes to Baked Goods. So without a lot of time, budget and due to the fact I left it to the last minute it was Pinterest to the rescue.

I gathered all the cupcake liners mixed up a few batches, found a packet of flag toppers, sprinkles and Betty Crockers Icing in the pantry and away I went. I ran out of flags and so looked up a few DIY's on good old Pinterest, and BOOM toothpicks and washi tape = Cupcake Toppers. 

These were the end result, other then the poor photography I was pretty happy with the result and so what my daughter :)  I felt quite proud to actually produce something worthy to sell. They sold for $1 each which was great considering it was ME. 

Its been a while......But Im back!

I know its been a good few months since my last post. But I haven't really gotten a hang of this whole blog thing. So what have I done since then. We have been soldiering on with our Home and we are getting there slowing but surely. I have gone into business with one of my closest friends and am finding that exciting but am anxious as to how it will go. I am involved in a Mentoring program again this year and completing my studies.

We had a death in the family during the July school holidays and although losing someone you love is devastating. I love how death brings people together. I did not know my Uncle well or even at all but I still felt a deep connection to him upon his passing. It was strange the passing of a loved one is a strange land. I found myself trying to hold on to traditions I grew up with, but with no one to take the lead I realised how much I took things for granted. 

My Uncle had lived here is Australia for more than 30yrs and much of our traditions were not taught to his family. It is customary for us to reside with our dead until they are buried and so he came back to our home where he lay in state in our living room until he returned to New Zealand. 

It was a new and weird experience for my husband who is Australian and has never experienced anything like this but am so proud that he was willing to do this for me, for us. We sat our 6 children down and explained to them what was going to happen before uncle arrived. Expecting the worse reactions from my children I was surprised and humbled by them. They understood what was going to happen and what they could and could not do. When he arrived they sat with him, sleep near him and didn't leave his side. I saw the love they had for an Uncle they never knew, and it reminded me of fond memories I have growing up in New Zealand. 

I often feel as though my children are missing out on so much living here in Australia. Our close family connection, our culture, the food, music and lifestyle. I do love living here in Australia but part of my heart is still in New Zealand, and without the gospel in my life I think I would have gone back a long time ago.

I am grateful for the church in my life. I have met people who have influenced my life in ways they will never know.
I am thankful for my friends, my sisters they are the reason I haven't jumped on a plane. While we have been here they are my family. They are friends I will have for life. I sometimes think that we were friends before our life on earth and we made a promise to find each other. I am glad my children have their children as cousins. I dont know what I would do with out them. 

Love you Ladies xoxox

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Teen Luna Park Birthday Party

I know I only just finished the post on the military party, and my eldest son's doesnt want a party at home but wants to go to Luna Park Sydney for his 15th birthday. 

Everyone that knows me, knows I cant do things by halves, and although I am doing a drop off, pick up party I have a plan (hehehehehehehe) 

So here is what the invite looks like Just as before I am happy to post a generic one if its something you might want for your own personal use just comment below.

 My idea is because I wont be there to follow them around with a camera, I am going to send them on a photo scavenger hunt so I can at least get a few happy snaps. 

CALL of Duty Military Party

Ok Here is the party as promised. I have to say thank you to firstly Hubby cause I went a little crazy with stuff and spent alot of time on this. My sister in law for getting me a whole lot of lollies and toys. My friend for helping with the prep and of course pinterest.

I previously posted the invitation I made am happy to post a Generic one if you are interested just comment below and I will post it for you.

 Thats my boy all geared up for his birthday wearing the Dog Tags I made earlier, found here. He had a ball.

When they arrived they had to enlist at the front door. We took them through marching drills and got them use to saying "SIR YES SIR"

  During enlistment they received their Army issued gear. I found these cute toilet bags for $1 each at Jasmines Warehouse left overs from the Charlies Angels merchandise and just covered the logo with some left over camo material I had. The bags were filled with a few goodies, army men, bombs, lollies balloons pencils.

 Here are the Dog tags I have mention these a few times and the binoculars are from Kmart then they moved onto receiving their rations for the day. 

Bottle water, snack sizes chippies, Nutrigrain in snack bags and fruit bars. These were given to soldiers to snack on until the mess hall opened. 

 Here is the backyard before the kids came out. My poor chickens didnt know what they were in for. but we had the tyres, balance beam, commando crawl and then it was 10 star jumps, push ups & sit ups

We painted the target to do a paratrooper competition, using plastic parachute men. The one who landed closes to the middle won. Then we had a Grenade Launch, my eldest son thought it would be fun to put his head in the middle as the kids threw water bombs at the target. We also had a shooting range (not pictured) using a nerf gun and velcro bullets(having 4 sons we are not in short supply) We had a Velcro target left over from the Carnival Party the year before. 

We also played:

Save a mate - Each team had to make it through the obstacle course to their injured mate wrap their wound (leg or head) and carry them back to base using a towel. 

Capture the Flag - two different coloured army men hidden around the yard 15 each team. The team that found all their men first, then had to steal the flag of the other team and make it back to base. 

The kids loved it, well they were all around 7yrs old, but even my older boys joined in. 

After a few of the games they stopped for a break, I let them have a few minutes to get a drink and then I sent out a siren and yelled raid, we threw out 25 balloons each team and they had to stop what they were doing and pop the balloons, first team to pop all 25 won. 

 Note to self never let your son take the photos as most of them will end up blurry, these were all we could salvage I am not sure if you can see, but I made mini care packages as prizes for the individual games.

I am a little disappointing I don't have a better picture of the care packages but here is how they were put together

All in all it was a great day, and as long as Nathaniel loved it thats all that mattered

Here are some of the troops towards the end of the party, the others were busy eating and playing.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Whats For Dinner

I use to be a huge fan of Sandi Richards show Fixing Dinner which use to air on Foxtel Australia 8yrs ago. Being a mother of 6 I really need to be more on to it with dinner times, I have found myself having to resort to takeout because I have been to busy or to distracted to pop to the shops. This is my first week, so wish me luck. This weeks Menu consists of:

Monday - Daddy's Nachos
Tuesday - Wonton Noodle Soup  
Wednesday - Thai Green Curry with Rice
Thursday - Homemade Fish and Wedges
Friday -  Pineapple Meatballs
Saturday - Hearty Beef Casserole
Sunday - Tuna Bake n Garlic bread

I am really hoping this way will help the hip pocket too as we need to save $$$ (doesnt everyone). I'll let you know how it goes and if all goes well I'll post the recipes and how I go from week to week. 

Ok Better get started on the Wonton Noodle Soup yum yum!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Study Nook Yay

I am so happy with how my little study nook is coming along. I love it when what I imagine comes to life. I have made the most of my space and pop a study nook into the back of my living room.

My little Vinnies nick-nacks costing all of 50c each and my office products from Kmart.

Ikea Desk I think was $49, it was going to be for my son's room but I think it looks better where it it.

Floating shelves $9 @ Kmart

I didnt realise my secondhand computer chair matched so well I was going to try and find something else but I think its perfect, and if you look to the left of the picture you can see a sneak peak of our occasional table ikea knock off coming soon.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I know I know I have been M.I.A lately and things have been a little deserted. But I promise I have been a busy little bee. My calling in Young Women, keeping me on my toes, I have also been called as the Faith in God for girls Activities leader, so its been heads down bums up. I have so much to update. Nathaniel had an O for Awesome birthday party. Here is a sneak peak because I cant seem to find the rest of my photo's hehehe... I am hoping they didnt get deleted.

Here he is dressed and ready for action, with his tank backdrop that daddy painted just for him :)

 He was late to his own birthday, we sent him to Nan's house so he would be surprised when he got here so all his friends were here and then (sounds of crickets churping) No Nathaniel.

More photos to come I promise. 

I also have to update you all on our school packs. It was such a great experience. I only hope the young women I serve got as much out of it as I did. We packed 60 school packs  10 were incomplete but we all done well. 50 was our goal and we did it (yay) I cant wait for the girls to see photos of the kids who will receive the packs. I dont think they will every truly understand the good that have done. (But thats the point, isnt it) Service truly builds testimonies.

Some of the girls happlily packing away 
 Oh and lets not forget my Vinnies finds, I had to run a few errands today and while I was out I thought I would make the most of it and stop at a Vinnies store here and there. 

just ignore all the other backgrounds stuff thats what I get for asking hubby to take pictures at this time of night

So what do you think? I absolutely love them, I am thinking I will re-paint them after doing a quick search online for a DIY and I think I've got it. Pretty cool huh........I spent a whole $7 which once upon a time i would have thought was way too expensive but gone are the days when I could have got the lot for $2. Oh and I found this absolutely beautiful Coral teapot, but it had a chip in the spout so they wouldnt sell it to me. When I asked what they would do with it, they said throw it in the bin. I asked the lovely lady behind the counter if I could follow her to the bin (i know stalker material) but she gracefully declined. I was a little sad and kicking myself for telling her it was chipped (trying to get my price down). But Ces't la vie I live to thrift another day!!!! 

Stay tuned for the reveal of my old but new items.

Friday, 31 May 2013

School Suppies for children of Indonesia

I received this in my inbox over the weekend, and felt really passionate about doing what I could to help. I currently serve as a young women leader for girls aged 12-17yrs old and thought it would be a great opportunity to do something hands on for humanity. 

I feel like this has reignited a fire inside me to help those who are less fortunate and am so glad to be a part of this. I am so so grateful to Felicity for including me in her email list. I have never felt the spirit more then when I am servicing others.

We sent a call out to the ward and to friends and family for donations of school supplies, and we have received some stuff, our goal is to pack 50 school packs and although we are nowhere near that, I have faith that we will do it.