About Me

Hmmmm this really is hard to start, its funny because I always thought I could talk about myself all day. 

I guess I'll start with 

10 things about me!
  • I am a Mother of 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls and my puppy Sonny Boy
  • I try hard to do my best with what I have
  • I am a student of all things officially completing my Diploma in Community Services after leaving school early.
  • I am a wife to a wonderful supportive husband who makes me laugh every day
  • I was born and raised in the beautiful country of New Zealand
  • I currently called Sydney Australia Home 
  • I am novice when it comes to interior design or decoration
  • I am a dabbler in all things
  • I am the daughter of a Heavenly King
  • I am Mormon

10 things I love!
  • I love my family
  • I love the smell of rain after a long hot week
  • I love to laugh, sing, dance even though I'm not any good
  • I love to spend time with good friends
  • I love to snuggle under the blankets with my babies on a cold night and watch movies
  • I love learning new things
  • I love the gospel
  • I love the smell of food cooked with love
  • I love pretty things
  • I love to share, ideas, recipes, crafts, food, anything
 10 things I cant live without!
  • I cant live without Pinterest (seriously I have a problem lol)
  • I cant live without my IPAD, IPHONE or something so that I can access Pinterest
  • I cant live without Chocolate I really need to get a handle on that
  • I cant live without my family
  • I cant live without clean underwear
  • I cant live without Laughter
  • I cant live without Love
  • I cant live without Music
  • I cant live without Books
  • I cant live without the basics - food water shelter clothing but add to the list prayer, scriptures, Family Night.  
 At first I couldnt thing of anything but towards the end I could have gone on all night. But THIS IS ME.............

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