Thursday, 8 August 2013

Home Update - Hallway

 The Hallway has been a huge working progress and can i tell you that we are not yet finished. Without repeating myself I have a tiny addiction to Pinterest and fell in love when i saw this (photo below. When I spoke to Hubby about it, I dont think he thought I would really do it, after all it would be the third time we had painted the hallway since we moved in 5 years ago. 

We had already painted the hallway the same colour as the living room Stetson Grey, and used a chalk line & level to get the lines straight we choose a soft white Cotton I think it was called. At the end of the hall a large Mirror was attached to the wall. This was a REUSE item from a set of built in mirrors we are removing from our old bedroom (soon to be the girls room)

There's one of my sons helping Dad with the Clean up. As you can see above We originally had White doors. But I loved the look of Black doors and the idea of no huge Pen and dirt marks.

Here is a picture of the length of the Hallway, The mirror is receiving and upgrade with a frame made from timber molding The mirror cost approx $30 and to buy on in that size would have cost at least $150. So what do you think of my black doors?

The next step is to pull up the tiles and install the same flooring in the living room, and covert our linen closet into a mini mudroom similar to picture below.(picture courtesy of YES you guessed it PINTEREST)


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