Thursday, 20 June 2013

CALL of Duty Military Party

Ok Here is the party as promised. I have to say thank you to firstly Hubby cause I went a little crazy with stuff and spent alot of time on this. My sister in law for getting me a whole lot of lollies and toys. My friend for helping with the prep and of course pinterest.

I previously posted the invitation I made am happy to post a Generic one if you are interested just comment below and I will post it for you.

 Thats my boy all geared up for his birthday wearing the Dog Tags I made earlier, found here. He had a ball.

When they arrived they had to enlist at the front door. We took them through marching drills and got them use to saying "SIR YES SIR"

  During enlistment they received their Army issued gear. I found these cute toilet bags for $1 each at Jasmines Warehouse left overs from the Charlies Angels merchandise and just covered the logo with some left over camo material I had. The bags were filled with a few goodies, army men, bombs, lollies balloons pencils.

 Here are the Dog tags I have mention these a few times and the binoculars are from Kmart then they moved onto receiving their rations for the day. 

Bottle water, snack sizes chippies, Nutrigrain in snack bags and fruit bars. These were given to soldiers to snack on until the mess hall opened. 

 Here is the backyard before the kids came out. My poor chickens didnt know what they were in for. but we had the tyres, balance beam, commando crawl and then it was 10 star jumps, push ups & sit ups

We painted the target to do a paratrooper competition, using plastic parachute men. The one who landed closes to the middle won. Then we had a Grenade Launch, my eldest son thought it would be fun to put his head in the middle as the kids threw water bombs at the target. We also had a shooting range (not pictured) using a nerf gun and velcro bullets(having 4 sons we are not in short supply) We had a Velcro target left over from the Carnival Party the year before. 

We also played:

Save a mate - Each team had to make it through the obstacle course to their injured mate wrap their wound (leg or head) and carry them back to base using a towel. 

Capture the Flag - two different coloured army men hidden around the yard 15 each team. The team that found all their men first, then had to steal the flag of the other team and make it back to base. 

The kids loved it, well they were all around 7yrs old, but even my older boys joined in. 

After a few of the games they stopped for a break, I let them have a few minutes to get a drink and then I sent out a siren and yelled raid, we threw out 25 balloons each team and they had to stop what they were doing and pop the balloons, first team to pop all 25 won. 

 Note to self never let your son take the photos as most of them will end up blurry, these were all we could salvage I am not sure if you can see, but I made mini care packages as prizes for the individual games.

I am a little disappointing I don't have a better picture of the care packages but here is how they were put together

All in all it was a great day, and as long as Nathaniel loved it thats all that mattered

Here are some of the troops towards the end of the party, the others were busy eating and playing.


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  3. me too i would love the generic invitation please.

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