Thursday, 8 August 2013

Two Bake Sales on the Same Day

I have to confess I have a Pinterest addiction. But I mean, who doesn't. Right! Right! When I was struck with the dilemma of baking for two bake sales on the same day. Suprise Suprise I am not the baker in the home that I leave to my dear Hubby, who when I met could not even boil and egg but kicks butt when it comes to Baked Goods. So without a lot of time, budget and due to the fact I left it to the last minute it was Pinterest to the rescue.

I gathered all the cupcake liners mixed up a few batches, found a packet of flag toppers, sprinkles and Betty Crockers Icing in the pantry and away I went. I ran out of flags and so looked up a few DIY's on good old Pinterest, and BOOM toothpicks and washi tape = Cupcake Toppers. 

These were the end result, other then the poor photography I was pretty happy with the result and so what my daughter :)  I felt quite proud to actually produce something worthy to sell. They sold for $1 each which was great considering it was ME. 

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