Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I know I know I have been M.I.A lately and things have been a little deserted. But I promise I have been a busy little bee. My calling in Young Women, keeping me on my toes, I have also been called as the Faith in God for girls Activities leader, so its been heads down bums up. I have so much to update. Nathaniel had an O for Awesome birthday party. Here is a sneak peak because I cant seem to find the rest of my photo's hehehe... I am hoping they didnt get deleted.

Here he is dressed and ready for action, with his tank backdrop that daddy painted just for him :)

 He was late to his own birthday, we sent him to Nan's house so he would be surprised when he got here so all his friends were here and then (sounds of crickets churping) No Nathaniel.

More photos to come I promise. 

I also have to update you all on our school packs. It was such a great experience. I only hope the young women I serve got as much out of it as I did. We packed 60 school packs  10 were incomplete but we all done well. 50 was our goal and we did it (yay) I cant wait for the girls to see photos of the kids who will receive the packs. I dont think they will every truly understand the good that have done. (But thats the point, isnt it) Service truly builds testimonies.

Some of the girls happlily packing away 
 Oh and lets not forget my Vinnies finds, I had to run a few errands today and while I was out I thought I would make the most of it and stop at a Vinnies store here and there. 

just ignore all the other backgrounds stuff thats what I get for asking hubby to take pictures at this time of night

So what do you think? I absolutely love them, I am thinking I will re-paint them after doing a quick search online for a DIY and I think I've got it. Pretty cool huh........I spent a whole $7 which once upon a time i would have thought was way too expensive but gone are the days when I could have got the lot for $2. Oh and I found this absolutely beautiful Coral teapot, but it had a chip in the spout so they wouldnt sell it to me. When I asked what they would do with it, they said throw it in the bin. I asked the lovely lady behind the counter if I could follow her to the bin (i know stalker material) but she gracefully declined. I was a little sad and kicking myself for telling her it was chipped (trying to get my price down). But Ces't la vie I live to thrift another day!!!! 

Stay tuned for the reveal of my old but new items.

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