Friday, 24 May 2013

Our House

We have been in our home going on 5 years now,and have tried our hand at decorating with loads of fails. Its been such a blessing living in our home our goals this year to make it the way we have wanted.

After being inspired by shows such as Sarah Richardson from Sarah 101 & Sarahs House  The Block , HomeMADE and I cant forget the show we have watched for years every friday night Better Homes & Gardens. We are trying again 

Its a bit of a work in progress, after lifting the flooring,removing the old down lights, painting and then furnishing I'm loving the result.We have a while to go until we are finished, but I feel like I have started to find my style. 

I absolutely love the Isamu Noguchi coffee table but my budget wouldn't allow even a replica.

and so I found this, totally within my budget. I am deciding whether I should paint the timber frame or restore it. Lately I have been wondering if I should use it at all, with a five month old she needs all the floor space she can get.

I absolutely love dome lights the one on the left from Bunnings $49.95 and the one on the right $2 on clearance from Kmart. These were an impulse buy for another project but couldnt resist using them at home.

I have yet to decide on colour palette, I still need my jumping off point (hehehe a little too much of Sarah's house). There are just so many colours to choose from having a light grey neutral. I think I will once again let my budget judge what I choose.

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