Thursday, 23 May 2013

Call of Duty Military Party

Lately I have discovered the love I have for planning and organising birthday parties and events. Over the years I have helped organised Birthdays, Weddings, Dances, Festivals, sporting activities, youth activities, school holiday activities and the list goes on and on.........

My latest project is my son's birthday. We dont normally have a big birthday for your 7th, its usually their 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th, 16th. In December last year we had a carnival party for two of my children who turned five and eight and the kids absolutely loved it and still talk about it.  

Nathaniel my 7 year old, cannot recall having a 5th birthday and so I have decided I would throw him a 7th birthday, but what to do,I had to think of a theme. The theme needed to fit the following:

Easy to organise
Something he loved
Fit into 3 hours in the afternoon
did I mention Cheap?

My sister in law had a Mexican Fiesta earlier in the year and I was trying a little too hard to be frugal and wanted to reuse her decorations. He loves Tacos and so my plan was to get him excited about having a fiesta, eating Tacos, having a pinata and dressing up. When I suggested it to him I could tell he wasn't really into it but I talked him around, and so I searched the pinterest and the internet to find ideas for his Mexican Fiesta 7th Birthday Party. 

About a week later I was talking with Hubby about the party and both of us not really feeling it, and knowing that our son wasn't interested and then it hit me. He loves playing the XBOX, and his favorite game is Call of Duty. I had a light bulb moment. Yes what seven year old boy wouldn't want a military party.

I searched my other love PINTERST and found lots of cool ideas. Here is the invitation I used for the party 

 I wanted it to sound authentic and pretty happy with the results. stay tuned for the Care Packages, DIY Dog Tags and more..........


  1. Where can I find the link to the invite?

    1. Did you ever find out where to get the invite from?? I'm interested as well

    2. Anyone find out how to get the invitation?

  2. I am wanting to do this for my son but I cannot figure out how to personalize or edit it? How did you do this?

  3. Rondevu is slang for meeting up to do drugs.

    Rendezvous is a meeting.